Upcoming interview with Lauri and Best of Release date for AUSTRALIA!

On the Black Roses Community there have been an announcement of an upcoming interview with Lauri, and you can send your questions to him CONCERNING MUSIC AND ALBUM/SINGLE. You can find the announcement below.

We need your help!
Hey everyone!
We just got the opportunity to interview Lauri this week. So we need your help to draw some secrets & news from him.
Just send all your questions to
competition@sammakko.de and we will pick up around 15 which we’ll ask him.
Furthermore everyone who participates will take part in a drawing for 5 autographs with personal dedication by Lauri!
Deadline: wednesday evening (4.11.) 8 p.m. CET (Central European Time)
When you send us your questions, don’t forget to tell us your real name & your username.
PS: Please note that we won’t choose any questions concerning the band’s private life e.g. partners, kids etc.

There also have been made an announcement about the release date of the Best of 2001-2009 for AUSTRALIA. The date is set for 4th December. You can find the article about this issue here.

One comment on “Upcoming interview with Lauri and Best of Release date for AUSTRALIA!”

  1. […] the interview with Lauri made by the Black Roses Community will be on about Sunday or next week on the website of the community; the admins of it stated so in […]

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