Best of Limited Edition available,MySpace Blog and new TourDates!

A day full of events concerning The Rasmus guys.

There is a new MySpace blog about the gig in their high school. You can read it more in details below. Taken from:

The Rasmus Goes Back To School….
The Rasmus celebrates their 15th anniversary by playing a gig in the gym hall of Suutarila school in Helsinki. The venue is the same where the band first started their career in 1994 in the school’s Christmas Party…..
Because of the limited capacity of the venue, the event is for invited guests only. The audience consists of a group of old class mates of The Rasmus members, some of the present pupils of Suutarila school and the winners of a special contest run by Irc-Galleria. Irc-Galleria will also broadcast the whole concert as a live stream world wide. Viewing the stream does not require registration to the service…..
IRC-Galleria is one of the largest social networking websites in Finland with over 800 000 weekly users. ….
The event is implemented together with Sulake (the administrative corporation of IRC-Galleria) and Mikkeli University Of Applied Sciences. The multi-camera production is provided by Mikpolis Oy.

Moreover, there are already rumors concerning gigs of 2010 SUMMER festivals. One have been added to the rumored gig list on the TourDates page so check it out. 😉

Last, but not at least, you can now pre-order the Limited Edition of Best of (released in 2000 pieces only) from RecordShopX for 22.90 Euro (plus shipping costs 2.90 Euro).


One comment on “Best of Limited Edition available,MySpace Blog and new TourDates!”

  1. Best gig !!!!!Love them.

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