Celebrate 15 years birthday with the guys and other fans on 23rd November!

There have appeared a few articles about the guys doing a Birthday gig in the High School they have done their first gig 15 years ago. The event will take place on 23rd November, and will be broadcasted LIVE on IRC-Galleria. It could be followed even without registration on the site. Here are the four articles appeared so far about this issue: IltaLehti ; Rytmi ; Noise ; Soundi. Translation of Rytmi article can be found below and have been made by me.

The Rasmus surprise gig at school!
The Rasmus will be celebrating their 15th year in their career with a convert which will be held at the Suutarila High School’s gymnastic hall on Monday, November 23. The first show in The Rasmus’ history was held in 1994 in the same school’s Christmas party.
“It was my idea. Now it’s 15 years that we had that gig there, in the gym which was smelling of sweat”, Lauri said to Rytmi.
“I think it’s a good idea to go back there and play a gig to give this moment for the students and for also the invited guests. It would be also nice to ask those who have been at the first gig with us to come to it” Lauri continues.
During the school -especially the guys- haven’t though about the band favorably because of being popular among the girls. But yes, it was important as for an evidence.
“It was the first time when each of us was more self-confident. It was probably surprising to many who knew me, how excited i was when just had to read a presentation.”
“It’s true that we haven’t got our own songs, so made some cover of Kummeli’s Hän-mies song. It was for some reason a lot better than my own song, Myself. We also played Nirvana’s Polly at the gig… it was kind of everything” Ylönen laughs and wonders, if they can play the Kummeli song this time.
“Yes, that was a diamond, but should probably ask the band what they say to this idea. Overall, returning to the gym hall gives the same positive feeling. We won’t go there will all the loud (as literary goes “explosive”) stuff, but just about the same styled things as back then.”
Live gig could be seen on the Internet as well
Lauri regrets that the clothes from the first gig have been lost along the 15 years that have passed. In a way it would have been funny to use them.
“Hard to remember what we had on then, but surely we had some grunge things on. Also had colorful hair.
“I regret throwing out some legendary stuff sometimes. Now it would be time to put on those shirts.” Lauri painted, eagerly waiting for the future.
Will have access to celebrate the current student of the Suutarila High School, former friends of The Rasmus members, as well as winners from IRC-Galleria, announced in November. Others can have a taste of the gig’s atmosphere on the The Rasmus themed communities on IRC-Galleria where the gig will be broadcasted in real time. Fans will also be able to chat.
Following the gig does not requite registration.
In cooperation with IRC-Galleria will work the Mikkeli Polytechnic for the gig. Multi-camera productions will be made by Mikpolis Oy.


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