Rytmi Article

Big thank you to Oana for finding this article on the site of Rytmi with Lauri and about their current status in music industry. Read the translation below to find more about it. Don’t forget to link us back if you repost the translation below. 🙂
NOTE: The wrong information in the article (
Dead Letters made with Desmond Child) is the way the article claims it and not a translation mistake!!!

The Rasmus’ most recent album, Dead Letter, was made with the American top producer Desmond Child. Now, Lauri Ylönen and his band will return to the basic things concerning many ways. Since their first gig they mark now 15 years and during this period big things have happened -not at least those soaring productions of the last albums.

“We don’t have a certain timetable for our plans, it’s going under own weights. In a way it’s fascinating that the last record was a maxima scale and brought to the American big world and a lot of money. Now, if we would make the disc it would be a bit the other end.” says Lauri Ylönen.
“Maybe the album had some high expectations, as it would have cost a million, and then it should have been sold in a certain extent too” he continued.

Making their previous album was still a lesson to learn.

“The previous album had a good record and the time we had on it was necessary to do so. With Desmond working, one can learn a lot but i can not say that we took the most out of it.” Ylönen sums up.

Lauri and Pauli Rantasalmi are both working in a parallel way: Lauri in Finland and Pauli in Singapore, making demos during the summer.

“We’ve been all on our own and working on new stuff. I’m going to Singapore to Pauli and certainly make some sound-recordings during the autumn.” Lauri points out.

The more spice it gives to the situation that The Rasmus is not currently signed with any recording company.

“In a way i can think even that way that now we start from the beginning. The Playground contract expired and we don’t know anything about the future. It might happen that we’ll continue being signed there, or just somewhere else.”

“This is a nice feeling, that seemingly a particular task is completed and we can now again start doing things from a scratch. The things have changed even with the big record companies and now even the smallest can succeed. Indeed we also have a company, so nothing is excluded. Should take a look at it.” Lauri thinks peacefully.


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