YleX Aamu “BackStage” with Lauri

YleX have posted on their website a video with Lauri when he’s going upstairs to the place of the interview he had at 9:10AM last Friday at YleX Aamu. Major part of the video is in English but there are some parts as well when they are talking Finnish, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek and French. A small summary of what they are talking about in Finnish can be read below (if reposting please mention source since the translation/summary is made by me, no matter how short is), and the rest of the languages spoken are greetings to the fans from those countries.

-After the guy mentions skates, Lauri says he still remembers the last time when he was supposed to come here and give interview but he did skating the night before and had that accident.
-When he’s saying the greeting in Greek (Kreikkaa in Finnish) he mentions that he have been in Greece two weeks ago.
-At the end when Lauri enters the room where the interview will take place the guy says that now the interview will start but the Dutch fans will cry.

You can find the video here.

Concerning the Limited Special Edition of the compilation album we yet don’t have too much information. On the site of RecordShopX will be available soon, as the distributor of the book will claim the price of it. If anyone have been wondering, YES it will be a proper book with pictures and not a booklet style book inside the CD box. We’ll be back with more information as soon as they will be available.


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