Lauri and Aki @ Voice have posted an article/interview with the guys from Friday,09.10, where there was present also Aki to help Lauri out. Here comes a rough translation of the interview which you can see here and if you scroll down there is also a 1 minute long video with the title The Rasmus does not need expensive studios anymore where Lauri is speaking. Please don’t forget to link us back in case you are using the translation below which was made by me.

That’s how The Rasmus shows
The Rasmus’ singer Lauri and the drummer Aki have told to Voice that in the future they don’t intend to use studios from outside.
The band is preparing for November a compilation album, but over the years they had some time to already write some new songs in their studio Dynasty, in Helsinki.
Lauri says that the band in the future seemingly will record in this studio, because they have realized that the demo versions made there have lost energy through the studio-changes.
Now the band has a good recording equipment and they started the rehearsals of the versions of the songs, which may be included on the next album of the band.
Lauri also pointed out the possibility that the upcoming released albums will continue to fall in it’s sales. He wonders whether the publications of The Rasmus will be only one song at a time, as the whole albums work on the internet world.
See the interview with Lauri and Aki below.


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