Update about the Radio Interview Tour

Here comes some more updates, mostly media, with the radio interview tour Lauri made today:
YleX: Audio of the interview up on their site here.

Radio X3M: Video ; Audio

There are rumors on NRJ.fi that Lauri visited the radio station for an interview. We’ll keep you up-to-date as soon as we found something concerning this interview/presence at the radio station.

There is an article on Yle.fi about the compilation album and the new album. Here comes the summary in a nutshell:
-Black Roses was released under a pressure.Album was made by the world-famous producer Demond Child, but wasn’t the commercial success awaited by the team behind the album and the band.
-Lauri will travel this month to Singapore, where Pauli lives, to work on further songs for their new, upcoming album.
-They already have 40 songs, and will soon start the recordings of them in their studio in Helsinki.
-They release the compilation album of the memory of being ten years continuously at the same record label (Playground Music Scandinavia), during which time they made 4 albums.


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