Lauri at YleX, Radio X3M

Today Lauri been present at the two radio radio stations in Finland, YleX and the Swedish radio called Radio X3M. Here comes in a nutshell what he was talking about.

-The duet October&April was born 12 years ago at the basement of Pauli’s mother’ house at one of their rehearsals, while drinking their wines and jaming. It is a parody of boy bands. The original lyrics were others, very similar to the ones that their previous song ‘Don’t shut the door’ has.
-For their Live DVD Eero made a lot of recordings with his camera at the gigs they had and even backstage. Some Yoga friends of his were also helping him out with the recordings. Release date have not been mentioned yet.
-They are working on new songs. Lauri and Pauli are collaborating and composing melodies through Skype but they are going to meet in Singapore (Pauli’s present residence) where they will work on some more songs.
-The Best of CD was made because they have previously released already a compilation of those albums/songs that have brought them fame in Finland, and now they also wanted one with those albums/songs that brought them international success.
-Lauri’s personal favorite song from the compilation album is Immortal, because as he says it’s a great song to play it at live shows with guitars and also has a personal meaning to him.
-He is going on a small tour with PMMP to take care of his son.
-At the interview at Radio X3M Aki wasn’t present. Lauri have been asked about his absence and he said that they are great friends and buddies but this time he does not know where Aki is.

So far there are 7 pictures from the interviews, you can see them here: YleX Aamu ; Radio X3M: 1 2 3 4 5 6. Some pictures and hopefully video will be soon available on the sites of the Radio station and then we’ll post them. 🙂


2 comments on “Lauri at YleX, Radio X3M”

  1. Oh thank you SO much for all the info and the pictures!!! *-*

    I can’t wait for the compilation album, for the video of october&april, for the DVD, FOR THE NEW ALBUM :DD
    and of course I can’t wait to see Eero, Pauli and Aki T.T oh god I miss them..!!

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