Release date of Best Of CHANGED!!!

The release date for the “Best of The Rasmus: 2001-2009” album stated in this post one week ago was changed a few days ago by the guys’ record label, Playground Music Scandinavia, and posted on their website. As a consequence the new release date for the album is set 3 weeks later, on the 23rd of November.

You can find the information here on the site of PMS.

Further media about the guys can be found in the new issue of the Finnish music magazine called Soundi. There is a 6 pages article about the Monsters of Rock tour they have done a few months ago with Alice Cooper and Scorpions; entitled: The Rasmuksen ja  Alice Cooperin matkassa Venäjällä (trans: “The Rasmus and Alice Cooper on a trip in Russia”). In case you are in Finland you can buy the magazine in the shops. For foreigners there is a digital newspaper available to buy here, and also Zinio is being updated with the issues of this magazine (take care with Zinio, they have yet just the first 6 issues of the magazine and this article appears in the 9th issue of this year; on the cover there is Rammstein).


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