Track-listing of the Best Of CD

According to the site of the compilation album will contain the following tracks:

1. In The Shadows 
2. No Fear (Album Version)
3. Guilty (Us Mix) 
4. October & April (Feat Anette Olzon) 
5. First Day Of My Life 
6. Livin’ In A World Without You 
7. F-f-f-falling 
8. Chill 
9. Immortal 
10. Justify 
11. Shot 
12. Funeral Song 
13. Ghost Of Love 
14. Open My Eyes (Acoustic Version) 
15. In My Life 
16. Ten Black Roses 
17. Sail Away

The release dates are set the following:
Release in Finnland: 2. November 2009
Release in Germany: 4. November 2009
Rest of the World: Depends on how fast the local sellers can import the CD


One comment on “Track-listing of the Best Of CD”

  1. ilove that songs

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