Anette Informing about the Duet

Singer of Nightwish, Anette Olzon, have been answering again fan-questions on her blog. Some of them were about the upcoming duet with The Rasmus. The only thing that she have revealed was that we don’t have to wait so long as the duet will come out any day now. She is being really positive concerning the song, and she have also enjoyed working with the guys. Here is the original source of this and you can find the extract below about what she have said about October In April.

2) Do you have any information on the duet you did with Rasmus? It seems everyone wants to hear it, yet there’s no info anywhere. Hope you’re having a really good summertime and a nice day! 🙂 from Sidney.
Answer: 1: Not so concrete yet, we havent started working yet. Only me sitting here trying to compose what I can and then I will send it to Anders and we´ll see what they can do with it and what ideas they have over there. It will be rock but exactly how heavy or light we will see after starting trying things out.
2: Its on its way. The video should be ready any day now;=)

Its on its way. The video should be ready any day now;=)

The song with The Rasmus is a very very nice song;=) I believe in it and I am happy that it will soon be released now;=) the video will be nice and it was fun doing it. Lauri is a very nice guy and I look forward doing some things with the guys;=)


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