The Rasmus: Best of 2001-2009

According to the site of LevyKauppa Äx the compilation album of the guys is going to be released on the 4th of November. Yet there is no cover art or tracklisting available. Another Finnish site,, claims the album to be released on the 21st October. The guys have not yet commented on any of the information appeared on the Internet, but hopefully we soon get some interview from them and a confirmation for one of the dates mentioned above, and some info about the tracklisting, if we will have a best of like the most successful songs or it’s going to be new songs as well.

Anette Olzon duet release is is going to be in September or October. According to the personal blog of the singer, the video is ready and if everything goes well, we’ll have the opportunity to hear the long waited duet in the upcoming 6-8 weeks.


2 comments on “The Rasmus: Best of 2001-2009”

  1. i love that song… is amazing ¡ ¡ ¡

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