Monsters of Rock Wrap-Up

Monsters of Rock tour have ended  on the 28th of June with more or less succes. One of the eight gigs have been cancelled due to the stage in Novosibirsk being crashes during the night. Our guys have finally accomplished one of their dreams to appear on the same stage with those artists with who they grew up listeing to.  At the gig in Moscow Lauri and Alice Cooper have been singing together with Claus Meine the rock athem of Scorpions, Rock you like a hurricane. Fron the whole tour there have been numerous pictures which all you can find here on the site in the posts. Here comes a wrap up of the Monsters of Rock tour and the posts have been linked for you to make the navigation easier. 😉

Aki’s Blogs have kept us up to date with what they were doing
St. Petersburg Blog
On the plane Rostov-Ekaterinburg Blog
Cancelation/Novosibirsk Blog
Flight Report Blog
Day off in Vladivostok Blog
Thank you letter from Aki
Two interview with Lauri
“Scorpions have asked us for an autograph”
Interview before the gig in Ekaterinburg
Pictures of the gigs and press-conferences ; BackStage/Gig Videos
St. Petersburg: 1 2
Rostov-On-Don: 1 2
Ekaterinburg: 1
: 1
Khabarovsk: 1 2 3
Vladivostok: 1
Krasnoyarsk: 1 2 3
Moscow: 1 2 3 4

The next time we can see the guys live will be a German festival in Saarbrücken called Halberg Open Air on the 10 July.


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