Day off in Vladivostok – Aki blogging again

The guys had a day off in Vladivostok and been hanging around and Aki wrote us a note about how their day was… Enjoy!

Day off in Vladivostok

Day off in Vladivostok.

Hello friends! One of my dreams came true, I’m in Vladivostok. All the day off, if we don’t count the press conference and some interviews we did…why I’m calling it a day off then…anyways…Really nice day, so many things to do and see, Beautiful orthodox churches, I visited the chinese markets, but maybe the coolest thing was the old submarine. We got inside and saw how people have been sleeping there etc. I even went into the tube/pipe (or how do you call it) which is for the torpedos, but don’t tell anybody, i wasn’t allowed to do that.
Lauri and Eero and our lovely light engineer Mikko went to scuba dive, they saw interesting underwater life of Vladivostok. Eero got a little sunburned, so if you wonder who is the crabguy on the bass, it’s him, believe or not.
Everyone feels very relaxed and ready for the show tomorrow, it’s gonna be outdoors so let’s hope it’s not raining! And if it’s raining we’ll have great fun anyway, right?

Ok, i think i’ll put my electric blue Speedos on and go to swim.

Pus och Kram,

Aki “Speedo” Hakala



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