Flight report blog from Aki

Flight report from Aki 😆 Enjoy! 😉

Khabarovsk-Vladivostok flight 6:30AM

This flight is maybe the most awful in my life, the turbulence was so bad, our bags flew so high that they hit the ceiling, Keri Kellys (Alice Coopers guitarist) red wine too and then it was all over me. I was so scared, now I’m bit afraid of the landing…will there be turbulence as well…my heart is still beating like hell and i’m sweating like a pig, as we say in Finland.

Ok, let’s think about nice things now, I need to get rid of this feeling. We played ultimate rock show in Khabarovsk, had so much fun on the stage, and yes we played 60 min set, jahuuuuuuuu!!! I Want to thank all the people who came to check us out! And made our first visit to Khabarovsk very special, hope to come back soon!
Also we saw some of the city. I went to the river with Lauri and Eero, saw some nice churches, drove dodgem cars, had really nice day!

I’m so much looking forward to spend couple of days in Vladivostok, some of our friends from another finnish band (Amorphis) have been there and they said it’s beautiful. I have my camera with me so i hope to find something interesting to shoot.

Ou shit, time for the landing, everybody seem to be a bit scared, so let’s pray for the best and I’ll let you know how it was…

Vladivostok-Khabarovsk flight 7:02AM

Our pilot wasn’t able to land, we need to fly back to Khabarovsk! Shit! I’ll try to sleep…

Khabarovsk-Vladivostok flight 11:50AM

Ok, second try…the sky looks more clear now. Hope we have more luck this time! So far so good…

Khabarovsk, at the hotel 6:00PM

Ah, slept so well, what a tiring day. The second try of landing was successful, thank god. Now it’s time to have a “morning” coffee and a little walk outside before the dinner. Tomorrow is a day off too, so if you’re from Vladivostok please let me know what should we see in here, thanks. And see you at Avantgard Stadium!!!

Flying is nice, flying is nice, flying is nice………….NOT!


Source: www.myspace.com/therasmus


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