“Scorpions asked us for an autograph!” -Lauri Interview

Thanks to Vinci for posting this lovely interview made with Lauri before the gig in St. Petersburg. Translation made by Vinci.

– Lauri, do you find yourselves monsters?

– We are not monsters, but together with other bands we are becoming a real four-headed beast but very friendly, unpredictable, heavy by the sound, but soft at heart.

– They say that real rock-n-roll stars must be crazy? What about you?

– Sometimes I like to commit reckless acts. For example, I can sit in my boat in the middle of the night and sail away from the gulf toward the horizon to any island. Everybody’s sleeping and the sun is shining. In Finland we have the same white nights as in St. Petersburg. This is really beautiful I can sail all night long, not even thinking about time. However this is not that much «how rockers do» – to sail in a boat alone but I can suggest this for all the musicians. It is a great calm for you disordered nerves.

And our bass guitarist Eero Heinonen takes his guitar in the weekend and goes on trains – to «bring joy for people». However he doesn’t refuse from money too. And if he brings home a little «catch», then he receives a scolding from his wife (laughs).

– This is not your first time in St. Petersburg. Do you remember the first performances in here?

– Yes, it was in 1997, then we were not that popular and no one knew us. We arrived by an exchange program: Russian bands went to Finland, and we are in St. Petersburg. It was our first performance abroad. I was shocked by your architecture. I have a secret hobby – I collect albums with photos of buildings of cities all over the world. I’ve already bought several albums in St. Petersburg. I was in Hermitage for three times … and I’ll go once more.

– Lauri, have you already acted together with Alice Cooper or Scorpions? Don’t you afraid? They are all in all «senior fellows» …

– With «Scorpions» we went on stage in Germany. It was very funny – they came to us during the rehearsal and said: «Guys are you The Rasmus? Give us your autograph, our grandchildren asked» I’m not acquainted with Alice Cooper, but I’m his fan for a very long time. I recently read his biography, which he wrote himself. So it is the greatest happiness for me that we will perform together but not only perform and also fly on concerts around Russia in the same private plane.

– Don’t you afraid that there will not be a full house? It is crisis in the world and tickets for «Monsters of Rock» are not that cheap …

– I’ve read somewhere that in spite of any crisis people will always listen to live music and buy flowers. For us musicians as well as for sellers of flowers it sounds very life-asserting. People will still come on a good concert. However the sales of CD’s are dramatically falling and will be falling more and more.

– If you perform on «Eurovision», as your compatriots «Lordi», your sales and ratings will instantly grow.

– No, it is not our competition. There are many bands who just wanted to promote themselves using the «Eurovision». We went the other way. At our first gig in Russia were 15 people the next time it was 50 already then a hundred and so on. I believe that talks between people are the «normal» way to success, and it is much more durable than the «Eurovision».

Lubov Rumyantseva.

Source: www.therasmusforum.com


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  1. i love lauri

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