Novosibirsk gig CANCELED!

Today’ gig in Novosibirsk have been canceled due to the main stage being collapsed because of overweight of light and musical instruments. Article

Scorpions and The Rasmus will not make gig in Novosibirsk, due to the collapsed scene

In Novosibirsk, at the stadium “Spartak”, where the rock stars were supposed to have gig the main stage collapsed.
As a result the organizers were forced to cancel the concert. The incident most likely happened because of the overweight of light and musical instruments.
On the stage was supposed to perform Alice Cooper, Scorpions, The Rasmus and Kingdom Come in their international festival “Monsters of Rock”. For the show have been sold more than 10.000 thousand tickets. To the fans of the rock music the money spent on the tickets will be returned.

Translation made by me so please link back/credit if you repost. Thanks!

Another article giving information about the cancelation of the gig is (article in English).
More articles: KP.RU (thanks to Vinci for posting it) ; RussiaToday ; ; IltaLehti ; IltaSanomat ; Yle ; Helsingin Sanomat


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  1. […] of June with more or less succes. One of the eight gigs have been cancelled due to the stage in Novosibirsk being crashes during the night. Our guys have finally accomplished one of their dreams to appear on […]

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