Another Blog from Aki

After the media confirming the cancelation of the Monsters Of Rock festival in Novosibirsk, here comes a  blog from Aki & the guys as an apology from the fans…

NovosibirskCancellation / Novosibirsk

As all the fans in Novosibirsk know Monsters of Rock gig was cancelled (not only our show but the whole festival).
We are extremely sorry about it! We feel as bad as you guys. This situation was not in our hands, and it sucks. People who got upset cause of this remember that you’re important part of The Rasmus family and we hope to play for you as soon as possibly!!!

Anyway I want to say that we liked your city (and the zoo) very much and we had the best russian food on this tour in Novosibirsk!

Take care of yourselves,

Aki& the boys



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