Russian Radio Interview with Lauri before a concert in Ekaterinburg.

Thanks to Belarus love The Rasmus! for posting it on the International Forum!

Interviewer: Hallo!
Lauri / Translator: Lauri here, the singer.

Interviewer: Oh, Lauri, it you? Did not hope at all that will be so simply to phone to you. This Fadej from Ekaterinburg. At me to you some questions, if you do not object?
Lauri / Translator: Well have gone!

Interviewer: In the first, I call to you on mobile. Where I have found you?
Lauri / Translator: I Went to sports hall, has risen in 7 mornings and has a little worked. In general it is final not every morning so, happens differently: happens that at this time at me the yesterday’s party still proceeds. Sometimes early in the morning, when still sleep, we together with our bass guitarist Eero sing notes and we go on fishing. For this purpose we can rise even in 5 mornings or the half-sixth. Here and I live, I try that one day differed from another.

Interviewer: And happens such, what you suddenly have a free time, than are engaged then?
Lauri / Translator: Well sometimes I travel. Recently took a guitar and has left to Italy. Also in Africa was simply to play on a guitar in beautiful places, to get acquainted with other culture. When I need inspiration, I travel in loneliness and so I compose songs.

Interviewer: А What impressions at you are connected with arrivals to Russia?
Lauri / Translator: With Russia to group The Rasmus in general has carried in respect of tour, because here at us it is so much friends and admirers, as in any other country. 5 or 6 times already were at you, and now again we go, moreover in the company of such powerful groups. I am am overflowed with pride that I listened to a part of this action, because when I was yet able to play and sing I already Alice Cooper. So it for me and The Rasmus very much responsible the moment.

Interviewer: Just wished to ask, on your sensations, the rock-n-roll is live today or not so?
Lauri / Translator: Very much, very much! I here is how argue. Rock music this is style of music still most sold in the world. Sometimes certainly ‘shoot’ such things as hip-hop and similar, but if to look in general rock positions rather and are rather strong. Moreover become stronger year from a year.

Interviewer: by the way I wish to ask you about the “Finnish phenomenon”. How you think, why in Finland the rock music uses such wide popularity, what in other countries of Europe is simply useless to compare?
Lauri / Translator: There can be it, because in Finland people chase not a fashion and behind quality. In comparison with Sweden for example: at us in Finland very few people interests that carry or that listen to all around. We love the good habitual things which have been checked up by time. In it all secret.

Interviewer: As has well told! Lauri, it seems to me, at everyone who steps on the stage, there is any message to the world, the basic idea of creativity. With what you leave to public, what you wish to inform?
Lauri / Translator: To people always to have to choose: to follow the dream or simply to go for work and to earn money. I just wanted that it is necessary to trust in dream and to think not only of that that occurs to you, but also that will be after you.

Interviewer: Fine! And you prepare any surprises for the admirers in Russia?
Lauri / Translator: Yes, we had such idea: time we have let out seven disks why this time not to play on-extreme measure on one song with every an album. Here the surprise will be such.

Interviewer: And you know, I was two your previous concerts in Ekaterinburg and you sang each time in Russian. If I am not mistaken, it was kalinka-malinka. And you know any other Russian songs?
Lauri / Translator: Not so we will directly tell, but here much that I can tell: the folk music which has appeared for last 100-200 years in Finland, very much bears a strong resemblance to Russian melodies, definitely is much in common. At us people too love sad and lingering songs.

Interviewer: Lauri, I cannot be kept from a question which all Russian always set to foreigners: what do you know about Russia?
Lauri / Translator: I very much am interested in architecture and me first of all houses interest. To me now very difficultly correctly to say names of these constructions which I know in Russia as architecture products, but their great variety. I have a secret hobby: where I would not come – always I buy books on architecture. So I can precisely tell: in Russia many beautiful buildings.

Interviewer: It was interesting to look at Russia your eyes. Can be to you it is necessary to write the book on architecture? and what you wish to tell right now to the admirers in Ekaterinburg?
Lauri / Translator: I Hope to see you at a concert. Your support because we play near to such giants is necessary to us. And it is huge responsibility. So we wish to see in a hall of more fans of group The Rasmus.

Interviewer: Do not forget that I one of them! In this connection, my main point: at two concerts The Rasmus that I was, we, unfortunately, did not see your well-known feathers on a head. Whether we will see them this time?
Lauri / Translator: Yes! They will return and this time you will see them, I promise.

Interviewer: Fine. It was my last question.
Lauri / Translator: It was pleasant to communicate.

You can download the audio version of the interview (dubbed in Russian) from the following link: Megaupload Sendspace Rapidshare


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