Pauli and his pictures in the new Rytmi of 3/2009

This week appeared a new issue of the Finnish magazine called Rytmi. It has a 3 pages article, full of pictures made by Pauli during the past ages. Some of them have been already published on the guys’ MySpace but there are a few non-The Rasmus related which have been unseen so far for the public eyes. Translation of the article will follow soon. Until then enjoy the article and please do not remove the copyright, if reposting mention the source and  leave us a comment at least 😉 Thanks!
If  someone would like to  have a bigger version of one of Pauli’s photos just send an email to me (see about/contact section for my adress) which one would you like to have 😉

Click on the pictures to see a bit bigger version!

rytmipauli3 copyright

rytmipauli2 copyright


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