Blog from Aki

Instead of sleeping… Aki wrote us some nice rows… here they are….

On the plane Rostov-Ekaterinburg. 02:23AM.We spent couple of nice days in Rostov, did the riverboat trip, went to the market place, enjoyed the nice (very hot) weather, met some fans and friends, and yes also played a gig…It was the second The R show in Rostov, in a sport hall, where people had seats, and if one stand up the security guys asked people to sit down, that was rock’n roll, hehehehe!!! First i felt that our music is never going to work for these people, but after couple of songs i only saw smiling people, I think they enjoyed what they heard. And of course it was good to see some The R fans with finnish flags in the crowd, thanks for the great support!!! All the Scorpions guys came to check us out as well, that was cool.

After the gig we went to see The Scorpions, we had seats on the 4th row, so pretty good places…good old songs like Rock you like a hurricane, Still loving you etc. A real 80’s rock show. These guys have been around for ages and they still seemed to like what they’re doing! Respect!

Ok, maybe I will try to sleep a little, before we land.




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