Press Conference, Rostov-on-Don

After the guys arrived to Rostov-on-Don they had a press conference at which Eero and Lauri were present. Here are some  videos (unfortunately dubbed in Russian) of the press conference and a few pictures.
Video1 Video 2
1 2 3 4 5 6

Here you can find one article about the Tour and some infor also of  what the guys said at the press conference. Thanks to Belarus love The Rasmus! from the International Forum of the guys.

Monsters of Rock have arrived to Rostov

Monsters of Rock of profit on the Don earth. In the evening on June, 15th the plane with four groups – Scorpions, Kingdom Come, The Rasmus and Alice Cooper, – has landed at the Rostov airport. Musicians were met by numerous admirers. Has taken place a press-conference of participants of the biggest in the south of the international rock festival in the same evening.

Musicians Scorpions have shared pleasure concerning the third on счtту meetings with Rostov. They promise that the present program will be sated by new songs. Kingdom Come the well-known songs The Beatles and Led Zeppelin promised to play at a concert. Young blood of festival, the Finnish band Rasmus, have told that with pleasure would play in space and have shared opinion about financial crisis.

“Crisis? Us it has not concerned, at least, process of creation of songs. They both were written, and written. Unless less people began to come on concerts. It is connected, of course, with the prices for tickets. Not all can allow themselves it. But all of us is equal participate in concerts, it is pleasant to us. So it is possible to tell that crisis for us is not present”, – Eero Heinonen has told.

The king of horror Alice Cooper has shared interesting details of the future performance with the press. His daughter, the professional ballerina will take part in the dramatized show of group with an erotic enchanting spectacle. Because the concert is divided for two days, Cooper’s representation will be shown completely. In other cities it will reduce.

“I the king of horror already more than 40 years. Longer than we will tell Marylin Manson. All our shows – theatrical, in them are certain visual effects, special sense, but in it and the show essence consists. I not only the singer, but I still do theatrical representation. If in the poster it is declared -” Come on a night nightmare “you as a result receive it”, – Alice Cooper has told.

Some footages and small interviews with the fans have been broadcasted on the Russian News.
Screens (thanks to: Belarus love The Rasmus!): 1 2 3

Some more pictures of the press-conference (thanks to Vinci for posting them on the International Forum): Pics


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