MySpace Blog from Aki

Aki was nice and spent some precious time of his breakfast/coffee time on us and wrote us a nice and funny  blog post… here it is

St. Petersburg
Hi guys,

I’m enjoying my breakfast coffee and relaxing at the hotel lobby bar in St. Petersburg. The gig yesterday was great, only thing that sucked was that we were able to play only 30 min, but I think we played very well and it was great to see so many The R fans in the audience! From now on we’ll play 60 min set, cause now the technical things are (hopefully) solved and we hope that A. Coopers crew will be bit faster with their sound check…We’ll see…
After the gig I was watching Alice Cooper. Never saw him on the stage before, THAT was extremely entertaining!
Ok, I think I need to leave now, the hotel restaurant is on fire, and the firemen are asking me to go out, the lobby is full of smoke, whatta????

So, time to head to Rostov…




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