Lauri’s new hairstyle

To the surprise or even shock of many fans Lauri appeared today at the airport in Russia with a brand new hairstyle.

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7 comments on “Lauri’s new hairstyle”

  1. […] how come? xD Yeaaahhhh Let’s show guys who are the monsters of the rock … Though Lauri’s new hair is…a … […]

  2. nooooooooooooo je was cool with the old haircut

  3. OMG! He doesn’t look so good with this haircut, we want the old lauri back!
    damm lauri is not the same like he was when Death Letters album :[ that’s just so sad.

  4. his so cute!!!but the old is nicier!!!

  5. the haircut doesn`t matter. the music matters :]

  6. Buestras fotos con Lauri son preciosas.

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